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NBM Industries - DSL Busbar System, C-Rail Festoon System, Current Collector, Cable Trolleys, Busbar Accessories
nbm industries NBM Industries is very well equipped manufacturers of Shrouded DSL Busbar System (PVC Insulated DSL system) , C-rail (Festooning) system & Forming products is Rajkot based established in 2005. Contact Details:
Main address: Rajkot,India.
Tel:+91-281-3017696, Fax:+91-281-2388988, E-mail: info@nbmindustries.com

Welcome to NBM Industries

Our history began in the year 2005 in Rajkot. Since inception NBM Industries is a very well equipped manufacturer of Shrouded DSL Bus bar System (PVC Insulated DSL system), C-rail (Festooning) system. We are engaged in the development and production of finger safe PVC Insulated Bus Bar system, Festooning System & Forming Products which are used for over head cranes, mono rails & moving machineries power supplies. Most of our esteemed customers are original users. NBM Industries manufactures the PVC Insulated Busbar (DSL) System and forming products ranging from 60 to 125 Amp. in Galvanized steel, 160 to 1200 Amp. in Aluminum & 135 to 1200 Amp. in copper model under stringent quality control at every stage.

Our purpose is to ensure total customer satisfaction through developing, manufacturing and delivering world class products which are reliable and technologically advanced at competitive prices. Endlessly we strive to support current production technology and improve manufacturing processes which are critical to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Presently, we are engaged in the manufacturing, development and production of PVC Insulated Bus bar system C-rail Festooning System & Forming products as per the customer’s requirement and specification. We also accept orders for products of special length and designs of customer’s requirement.

Our purpose is to ensure total customer satisfaction through development, manufacturing and delivery of world class products which are reliable and technologically advanced at competitive prices. We will achieve this by cost effective operations through a team of relevant field experienced partner, trained, dedicated and skilled team of employees and all suppliers who are as good as part of our organization.

Out expertise in this domain has enable us to garner a rich client base for ourselves across the country, With the help of consistent quality delivery of our products.

Following are some of the key factors which are responsible for our success in this competitive industry:

Advance Technology
Cost Effective
Easy to installation
Low Maintenance
Curved path available
No breakdown
Individual Accessories parts Available


Why DSL ?

  • Useful in Long Travel area
  • Finger Safe
  • Available range : 60 to 2000Amp In various material,(Copper, Aluminum, G.I.)
  • Multiple crane moves on single bay length
  • Individual Phase
  • Individual Accessories parts available

Why C-Rail ?

  • Useful in Cross travel area
  • Lo Noise Operation
  • Load capacity up to 100 Kg. per cable trolley
  • Suspension fittings for all types of ceiling and roof structure
  • Trolleys with steel wheels mounted on anti-friction bearings, lubricated for life
  • Particulatarly suitable for do-it yourself assembly of small crane systems, monorails and festoon- cable supply lines on cranes, automatic loading machines and machine tools

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